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Rick Archie Archibald

My name is Rick Archibald, However I go by “ARCHIE”.
I am a Commercial Real Estate Broker. I have been a Commercial Real Estate Broker for about 50 years. I am a member of the National Council of Equity Exchangers. I specialize in all types of Large & small Commercial Real Estate transactions & Trades & 1031 Exchanges and Equity Exchanges. I am also a member of Mile High Equity Exchangers in Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, New Mexico, Los Angeles. San Diego, California and Tampa Bay Fl. Each week we meet both in person and on Zoom.

Sometimes Residential Real Estate Brokers know of possible Commercial opportunities for sale or listing for trade, but they may not feel they have an expertise to work on them. I DO HAVE that background and would love to help you.

Above the Ordinary ( I Think OUTSIDE the BOX)

  • Commitment….. If you’re committed to closing “The Gap” from where you are to where you want to be. I am committed to helping you get there. If your goal is to get where you need to be, I can help you get there.
  • Know how…. As a former city councilman and planning commissioner, I had to be a good negotiator.
  • As a commercial liquidator for F.D.I.C and FADA/Federal Asset Disposition Association, I made excellent contacts that still give me a competitive edge today.
  • Community Involvement activities: I served on the Board of Directors of Ravencrest Bible School in Estes Park, Colorado for approximately 15 years and still serve as members on the advisory board for the International Bible School. I have written three Christian Faith based books based of what God has been teaching through good times and bad time in life’s journey. They are all published by I am NOT a Real Estate Broker who happens to be a Christian, I am a CHRISTIAN who happens to be a Real Estate Broker.

My wife of 58 years, Suzanne, and my four grown children and many grandchildren, and 7 greatgrandchildren all share my enthusiasm for life.

My extensive world travels have brought me close personal relationships in Japan, India, China, Nepal, Iceland, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia and all over Great Britain and Europe. Today, global contacts are important, particularly in the commercial Real Estate and Exchange markets.

I can be reached at 970-227-1972 (direct line) or 1-970-667-4511.